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Very few trees are native to the Colorado foothills and severe winds and heavy snow can wreak havoc on trees. Tree pruning is especially crucial in our urban forest and at LAC Tree is is our goal to ensure that your trees remain healthy and safe. Trees of all sizes benefit from pruning by promoting proper shape in small trees and maintaining structural integrity in larger trees. Our ISA certified arborists are well trained and always adhere to ANSI pruning standards. We take great pride in the art of pruning and it is our goal to provide you with healthy beautiful trees that you will enjoy for years to come. We can custom tailor a prune for your needs whether you just want a couple branches removed or a fine prune of your whole tree. Below is a list of types of pruning cuts our ISA certified arborists will make on your trees.

Crossing and Conflicting Branches - limbs that rub or cross create issues as your tree matures. The branches grow and move and compromise each other and we will do is reduce or remove one of the branches.

Thinning - Healthy trees grow thick dense foliage to absorb as much sun as possible. This dense foliage creates problems for the tree when storms bring heavy snows and wind. We will selectively thin out the tree to allow wind and snow to pass through without causing damage. 

Weight Reduction - As branches get longer the interiors thin out and the ends get heavy. The heavy ends put more force on the unions where branches connect and when severe weather comes those branches are more likely to break. We will thin out those ends and allow the interior to fill in and reduce leverage on the unions.

Crown Cleaning (removal of dead and broken branches) - They are not only unsightly but leaving them causes wounds for decay to enter the tree. We will cut out the branches close to the trunk and allow the tree to compartmentalize and close up wounds.

Clearance - As trees mature they can start to interfere with their surroundings and we will make cuts to direct the trees growth away from their surroundings.

Shaping and Balancing - Trees often grow lopsided due to the sunlight and wind. We will make cuts to balance growth and promote good shape

Broken Branches - Damaged branches need to be removed to prevent them from interacting negatively with other branches and to allow the tree to fill back in.

Dormant - Many trees, especially those in the family roseacea , should not be pruned except when the tree is dormant. 

Sanitation - When a tree is infected with fireblight action must be taken immediately to remove infected branches. We use proper sanitation methods to prevent further spread of the disease while we prune.


This cottonwood was in pretty good shape but was in need of some thinning, crown cleaning, and weight reduction


This Autumn Blaze Maple was in need of some thinning and end weight reduction

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